Erotic Dysfunction

Good sex life of the couple is a decisive factor to maintaining a relationship.

The truth is that over time sexual desire weakens or even disappears. The bad thing is that women often interpret that their partner’s unsatisfactory erection is associated with possible rejection, or that he is bored with them, or that he found someone else or that they are doing something wrong, which, in many cases, leads to creating guilt in their partner.

For sure, women can hide it, but the same is not true for men, as it is immediately visible. This is one reason and it mainly concerns couples who have been together for many years. But an (accident) can happen for many different reasons. Some men, when they enter into a new relationship, they are worried that they may not be able to satisfy their partner.

Another reason for a possible dysfunction is that the man has consumed a lot of alcohol, is a heavy smoker, is overweight, is on medication or has some health problems. Of course, age affects because testosterone levels fall as we grow older, but the main thing is the problems of everyday life and daily stress.

What is certain is that there is no greater fear in a man than feeling that he can not cope during sexual intercourse and there is no greater shame and frustration when this happens even for once.

On the other hand, there are many men who want even more performance and let’s not forget that there is no greater satisfaction and confirmation for a man than to have his partner tell him that he is the only one who made her feel that way.

Many make wishes… I wish this doesn’t happen to me, I wish she likes it, I wish I can satisfy her, I wish I am able to do it one more time…

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