Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does HAPI END have side effects?

    HAPI END has no side effects, does not affect blood pressure and does not contain glucose and other sweeteners.

    The zinc it contains contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system, vitamin D in the body’s natural defenses and Tribulus Terrestris in maintaining muscle tone and energy in the body.

  2. Are there specific ages that can use HAPI END?

    No, it can be used by all ages over 18 years.

  3. Can someone who has no problem take it?

    Of course he can without any problems.

  4. Will it respond immediately to anyone who takes it?

    HAPI END is not a drug, so it has a milder mechanism of action. Ideally, one should take it after a meal for better absorption.

  5. How long does its action last?

    This is subjective and depends on the mood, age, weight, whether one has consumed alcohol. In general, its ingredients are active for up to 20 hours.

  6. Where can I find it?

    HAPI END is available through pharmacies throughout Greece. Because pharmacy supplies are made centrally from large drugstore warehouses, you should also find it in selected pharmacies in the province. However, in case it may be exhausted you can call us at 2315 500 000 and we will suggest you another pharmacy or other way to receive HAPI END as soon as possible.

  7. If someone is diabetic can they take the pill?

     HAPI END does not contain glucose or other sweeteners. Therefore, the sugar index is not affected.

  8. If someone is taking blood pressure medication can they take HAPI END?

    The natural ingredients of HAPI END do not affect blood pressure readings. In any case the drug user should consult his doctor.

  9. What is the recommended dosage?

    The recommended daily dose is one pill 2 hours before sexual intercourse. In case someone is overweight or wants stronger results, the maximum daily dose is two tablets.

  10. Is it an approved product?

     Food supplements are not subject to an authorization process. HAPI END is notified to the National Medicines Agency of Greece and circulates legally through pharmacies.

  11. For how long can one use HAPI END?

    There is absolutely no problem from constantly taking HAPI END. Its systematic use helps to maximize the benefits offered by its ingredients.

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